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Passionate about Fair Trade...

Passionate about the environment...

All our products are 100% natural and biodegradable.

We use no nails, screws or staples in any of our coffins.All the materials we use are carefully chosen for their sustainability as well as low impact during harvesting.

Our shipping footprint is smallas all our coffins are designed so that the different sizes fit inside one another ‘Russian Doll’ style, so that a 20’ shipping container can hold 198 adult sizes. As a result, just one tenth of a gallon of fuel is used to ship one of our coffins from the Far East to the UK - an average 40 mpg car can travel just 4.8 miles with the same amount of fuel.

We don't use Seagrass as harvesting this aquatic plant destroys the habitat for many fish and has the important job of soaking up carbon dioxide from the seafloor, locking it away indefinitely. Seagrass is therefore an incredibly important plant which needs to be conserved. Pandanus, on the other hand, which we use instead, is a prolific and rapidly growing weed which thrives anywhere on land, even in adverse conditions. When woven it is almost indistinguishable from Seagrass.

Our cardboard products are made from cartonboard materials produced from unbleached pulp containing a minimum 70% recycled paper, plus wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests. Only natural starch based glues are used, no other fixings and the handles are made from natural woven cotton.

Our bespoke painted coffins are only painted in water based, environmentally friendly paints.