Eco-Friendly Coffins for a Sustainable Farewell

Ecoffins redefine the final resting place with eco-conscious, handcrafted coffins. Our commitment lies in providing only environmentally friendly and sustainable coffin and casket options. At Ecoffins, each coffin is meticulously crafted with renewable and biodegradable materials, ensuring a harmonious return to the Earth. We believe in honoring loved ones while also honoring our planet, and our range of coffins reflects this ethos. Join us in embracing a greener approach to saying goodbye, where every choice reflects care for both the departed and the planet's future.

Wicker Woven Coffins

Full size Highsted willow picture

Willow Coffins

Explore our collection of willow coffins - simple, sustainable, and crafted with care. Made from renewable willow fibers, these eco-friendly options offer a natural and gentle farewell for your loved ones

Full size English Willow Light Round coffin picture

English Willow Coffins

Discover our range of English Willow coffins, expertly handcrafted using traditional methods for a sustainable, eco-friendly farewell. Handwoven from willow grown and harvested in the UK on the Somerset Levels.

Full size Bamboo Eco Traditional picture

Bamboo Coffins

Experience the eco-friendly elegance of our bamboo coffins. Crafted from fast growing, highly renewable bamboo, these coffins offer a unique and environmentally responsible choice for honoring loved ones.

Full size Pandanus round coffin picture

Pandanus Coffins

Handcrafted from natural Pandanus leaves, these coffins offer a beautiful and eco-friendly option. Choose Pandanus for a gentle goodbye that respects both your loved one and the environment.

Picture of a Banana Leaf coffin

Banana Coffins

Beautifully designed and crafted from sustainable banana leaves, these World Fair Trade Organisation accredited coffins offer a green option that honors the environment but also represents our commitment to ethical practices.

Picture of cardboard coffin with woodgrain design

Cardboard Coffins

Embrace the most sustainable choice for an eco-friendly funeral with our cardboard coffins, made in the UK from over 70% recycled materials. These coffins offer a dignified, simple and environmentally responsible option.



For over 20 years Ecoffins has been producing handmade, environmentally friendly coffins and caskets crafted by skilled weavers from all over the world using time honoured traditional wicker weaving methods. Each item is hand checked to the highest standards before dispatch.

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Fair Trade

Ecoffins has been supplying coffins from World Fair Trade Organisation accredited manufacturers for over 15 years. Our Banana and Pandanus products are produced in carefully monitored WFTO workshops committed to improving the working conditions of local craftspeople and also sustaining the surrounding natural environment.



All Ecoffins products are 100% natural and bio-degradable with no plastic, metals, screws or staples used in their construction, each natural material is chosen for highly sustainable and renewable attributes. All aspects of our business are designed to put people and planet first.

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With a dedicated team of advisors on hand, our rapid delivery service can supply our range of coffins, caskets and shrouds to any part of the UK within 2 working days when ordered through any Funeral Director. Our products and services are not provided direct to the public.