February 16, 2022 2 min read

Since Ecoffins was founded over 20 years ago we have seen more companies come on to the market and launch with their version of a ‘Eco Friendly Coffin’ but often without the green ethos behind the product.

Not all woven coffins are made with the same strict eco qualities and the same high environmental ethos that Ecoffins embodies in it's work every day. People and planet are at the very heart of our company, and this is reflected in our offices and warehouse facilities.

Set in the middle of the Kent countryside we are privileged to be surrounded by nature and wildlife which we are actively encouraging by utilising the ground around our offices and warehouse to plant wildflowers and over 1500 native trees. Aside from carbon offsetting through tree planting our offices and warehouse was constructed to have the least amount of impact on the local environment as possible and includes a ground heat source pump for an underfloor heating system, an air exchange system instead of air-conditioning and 159 solar panels that power our office, warehouse and electric vehicles that we use to deliver coffins to local funeral directors.

Our core values are reflected in our products. The materials that we use for our products are selected for their sustainable and renewable qualities and the fact that they are all hand made means their manufacture has a very low energy consumption. Even products that are shipped over from the far east use less fuel than a five-mile car journey in their transport. Our hard work is appreciated in the funeral profession and in 2017 we were voted Best Coffin Supplier at the Good Funeral Awards.

We are committed to protecting our environment for years to come.   

So when buying an eco-friendly coffin look beyond the product, have a look what the company does behind the scenes also, because protecting the environment takes a lot more than just the product.

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