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English Willow - Green & Light

English Willow  - Green & Light

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Our English Willow coffins are beautifully handwoven by skilled craftsmen with long family histories in willow weaving, using traditional methods and great attention to detail. Willow has been grown on the Somerset levels for centuries and as it regenerates easily once harvested, it has become a popular sustainable choice. Different colours are achieved by using natural methods of drying, boiling or stripping of the willow bark. For a more colourful appearance, the willow strands can also be dyed in a range of natural colours. Each of these has a plait at the edge of the lid, a stripe in the middle and at the bottom for a pleasing contrast.

All of our coffins are...

  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • Appropriate for cremation and burial
  • Supplied with fitted and leak-proof liners, headrest and nameplate
  • Guaranteed to carry a weight of up to 23 stone
  • Come in a range of sizes
  • Made from sustainable and renewable materials